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Friday, January 22, 2010

You've Got to be Kidding Me

No, friends. We're not kidding. The weather outside is frightful, which means the event has been postponed.
The good thing is: Only the date for the Scrap for Survival has changed. Everything else stays the same. You'll have the same great classes, the same food (OK, not the SAME food. The food will be made FRESH by our fine sponsors, not frozen in foil for two months!), and the same great contests and prizes!
Now it's time to round up a few more friends and get ready to scrap in March.
And tell old man winter to go somewhere else. Like Arizona. (Oh, wait...didn't he just hit that area? ;D )

So the new date is Saturday, March 20th. If you've registered for the crop already, consider yourself registered for the March 20th date. Watch for an e-mail from Alane which will explain what to do if you're registered for January and can't make the new date.

Registration is still open and spots are still available for the March 20th Scrap for Survival.
Come and get your crop on!

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