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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where did the time go?

OK-Could someone please tell me where Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday went?
FINALLY --- Let's take a look at our Queens!
To the left, is Connie Adamec.  Connie is our Queen of Crafts - by proxy. Her sister-in-law in the STATE of Virginia (not the city in Minnesota) is our real Queen of Crafts.  She sent in beautiful handmade sweaters, minibooks and more.
All tolled, her items brought in more than 170 dollars for the Young Survival Coalition!

Next, is our Queen of A Lot.  Queen Stephanie Evans brought in a number of new and gently used items for this category, a category new to our event this year!
Queen Stephanie also gave us a fabulous presentation on digital scrapbooking!  Thanks, Queen Stephanie!

And finally, meet Queen Wendy King!  Wendy was our Queen of Sweets this year with her Terrific Trifle!  You might remember, Queen Wendy won in this category last year, as well!  Way to go, Wendy!

Keep checking back, we'll be posting more pictures from the event, and more news about something you won't want to miss in February!  Stay tuned!  -Kim

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crop for a Cure Resounding Success!

Well, it's over, and we had a great time with the 2008 Crop for a Cure!  We're all still recovering from yesterday's marathon event (and all the planning leading up to it) but I thought you ought to have a few of the highlights today.  We'll post more details later in the week so be sure to check back!
First things first...(drumroll please)...our event yesterday brought in more than 
 We'd like to give a huge round of applause to our event participants who were SO generous to our cause, 
The Young Survival Coalition.
Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

And now, a look at our  Crop Queens!  We all remember our reigning Queen of Philanthropy, Karin Johnson. Here she is, the self-named "poster girl" for the Crop for a Cure 2007.
Here she is, one year later, thankful she won't have her picture plastered all over the blog anymore!  (Thanks for being such a good sport!  All in good fun!)

So, now we have a NEW Queen of Philanthropy for 2008.
Meet Rosie Wood!

Rosie brought in more than $700 in donations for the YSC!  She says she sent out a letter and included self-addressed stamped envelopes for friends to return to her.  Just a little extra effort earned her the big prize of the day...a Making Memories Runway Tote packed full of goodies!

And now, for our Queen of Silent Auctions:
Look familiar?  Why, yes!  It's Rosie Wood!  Not only did Rosie manage to bring in the most money...she also managed to SPEND the most money on silent auction purchases!  Way to go Rosie!  More scrap-goodies to take home with you!

Now, I was hoping to post the remaining Queens, however, after battling my computer for more than an HOUR...(no, I'm not exaggerating)...I am unable to get the remaining Queen pictures to post!
I'm technology challenged anyway...add to that a bit crabby and a bit tired, and things are not looking good.
I think I'll go take a nap and either post those remaining Queens later today or tomorrow!  It will give us all something to look forward to, won't it?  ---G'nite, Kim

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Told ya I'd forget something!

OK - One additional reminder.

If you have raised $250 or more for the YSC, e-mail Alane (  to let
us know!  This helps us get everything ready for you and will make things run much more smoothly on Saturday morning!
Thanks - Kim

Please read below for the other reminders!

Reminders to Crop Participants

Are you ready for the Crop for a Cure?

Just a few housekeeping issues:

1.  You may start arriving at Marshall school at 8am.  When you enter the parking lot, take the route to the right, closest to the school.  Signs will direct you to the "valet" service, where you can unload your car.  You will then need to move your car to the lower lot.

2.  If you have items for the Queen of Crafts, Queen of A Lot, or even items you've acquired for us for the "regular" auction, PLEASE contact Alane ( by tomorrow. We will need an item description from you so that we can make up bid sheets.

3.  If you are bringing a baked good for Queen of Sweets, please cut it into bite sized pieces! If you'd like, bring a few copies of the recipe along.  We had lots of requests for those last year, and hey, we could post them on the blog!

4.  We will be running a tab throughout the day for your silent auction purchases.  Don't forget your checkbooks! 

I'm sure I'm forgetting something (I tend to do that), so please check back later in the week to make sure!  Start packing up your stuff and get ready for a great time! -Kim

We'll miss you Paula!!!

Paula is our friend, and at CHA she was our prime navigator and partner in procurement!  She's helped from start to finish with all the preparations for this years' Crop for a Cure, making several trips to Duluth from her home in the Twin Cities.  Well, Paula won't be at the Crop for a Cure this year, she'll be traveling in Europe with her mom.  So, Paula, have a great time overseas!  Thanks for all your great advice & guidance.  We'll see you when you get back! 
-Julie, Alane & Kim

Friday, October 10, 2008

This is what it is all about!

October is breast cancer awareness month, and the Young Survival Coalition just wrapped up their signature fundraiser: the Tour de Pink. The Hershey candy company is a major sponsor of the YSC (please buy the pink Hershey candy for sale during the month of October!). The Tour de Pink is a 220 mile bike ride over 3 days from Hershey, PA to downtown New York City. Scroll down to watch the video and hear from the creators of the event, but more importantly, the amazing survivors who made that ride to help other young women just like themselves. THESE are the people YOU are helping by participating in the Crop For A Cure, and we couldn't be prouder or more grateful. Thank you!

We want to recognize some of our wonderful local businesses!

I wanted to take a second to give a huge THANK YOU to the local restaurants that are supporting our event. They are donating all of the delicious food and drink that you will be enjoying throughout the day! Caribou Coffee, Great Harvest Bread Company, Famous Dave's and the Olive Garden have all agreed to support us again this year! (And if you participated last year, you will remember that you had PLENTY to eat, and it was DELICIOUS!)

Remember, like we said in the previous post, you need to HURRY and register NOW!!! If you aren't registered by Midnight THIS Sunday, you will not be gauranteed a seat in the classes. Let me tell you, you do not want to miss out! Lisa, Heather, and Marni are going to be doing some wonderful things. We're all in for a real treat!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have you registered yet? How about your friends?

Why do we ask?  Well, ladies, we're approaching "crunch" time!  We have THREE fabulous teachers lined up and they need to order & prepare their class materials for you.  They need a final count so they know just how many kits to bring with them.  We don't want to put too much pressure on you, but if you know you're going to register, you need to do it by
Midnight on Sunday, October 12th!
What are you waiting for?
After Sunday, you will not be GUARANTEED a spot in any of the classes. 
And let me just say, these classes are going to be GREAT!
Our third teacher has confirmed for the event.  
Marni Steltz is the owner of the Pine City Scrapbooking Co. & Retreat Center.  She hasn't given away all her secrets, but did mention we'll be using Tim Holtz Grungeboard for her project! 
If you haven't been to Marni's store, check out her website at

And here's the good news.  She's bringing some extra supplies to sell at our event, so bring your checkbooks!

Of course, you were planning on bringing those checkbooks anyway, right?

That's good!  This year, we'll have lots of free goodies just like last year, plus we're bringing along some extra items for purchase.

And now for some reminders:

Don't forget the $250 Club!
If you have raised $250 or more for the YSC, please e-mail us by 10-20-08 so we can prepare your special prize.

Don't forget Tea Time!
Bring your favorite baked good for our Tea Time (cut into bite sized pieces).  We'll all sample, and vote.  The winner of Tea Time gets a fabulous prize!

Don't forget your HomeMade Craft for the Silent Auction!
The person whose craft raises the most at auction wins a prize.  Please e-mail to "register" your item by 10-20-08 so we can prepare a bid sheet for it!

For Other Silent Auction Items:
Some of you have acquired items (not homemade) to enter into the auction.  Please submit item descriptions & estimated values so that we can prepare bid sheets for those as well.

That's all for now...(really, don't you think this is enough?).
Check back!  We're sure to have more before the big day!