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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

It's been a full week since the Scrap for Survival 2010 and I am finally recovered. I am so recovered, in fact, that I am almost ready to do it again!!!! (Almost! :)

This year's event was so spectacular, we cannot thank you enough. We had so much fun. You were wonderful participants; you went with the flow (even when things got off schedule..and stayed off schedule) and you made all of our hard work more than worth it! Thanks to all of you for your generous donations, your tireless efforts at raising donations from friends, coworkers, and family members, your purchases at the crop, your generosity in the silent auction AND the impromptu live auction and more, we raised (drumroll, please!)...................

OVER $9,650 FOR YSC DULUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are just so pleased and overwhelmed by your support. Thank you to all of you, to our great volunteers, and to our wonderful donors for making this year so fantastic. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next Scrap for Survival! We hope we see you again soon!


The YSC Duluth and the Scrap for Survival Team

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrap for Survival...the Photos!

We had a wonderful day yesterday at yesterday's Scrap for Survival and we hope you did too! I'm posting a link to a gallery where you can see photos from the day. We'll have more to say in a future post!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Time Has Come

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Scrap for Survival! Don't forget your trimmer and adhesive!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sneak Peak #2!

I am so in love with this project that I had to share it with you. All I have to say is: "Ladies, don't be afraid to get messy!" We are going to mix things up with this one: vintage finds, scrapbook supplies, computer generated elements, paint, mod podge, and more! I hope you are ready for some FUN! I love the vintage photo we will be using for this project. It is a picture of Julie's Grandpa. Isn't he adorable?

I just love incorporating vintage goodies into my crafting, and I have been dying to use these milk caps I scored at an estate sale earlier this year. I love the cool graphic and color they add to the finished project. I hope you will too!

Scrap for Survival is less than one week away! Woohoo!!!!!! The excitement is building!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just a little sneak peak!

I don't normally do this, but I am going to put out a sneak peak of one of the classes we have planned for the crop. I will be teaching this one and it uses some of my favorite things: Cosmo Cricket patterned paper, punches, office supplies, Unity rubber stamps, and tags! I LOVE tags! Especially these HUGE ones! I hope this little taste will get everyone even more excited to come! Stay tuned for a sneak peak for one of the other classes coming soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Getting So Much Better All the Time!"

Right now I have the Beatles tune about things getting better all the time looping through my head and I'm loving it! We are so blessed to have wonderful participants in our crop who return year after year and we LOVE YOU ALL!!! Many people who have never been but are thinking of signing up balk at the mandatory minimum of $100 in donations we ask from every participant. But once you've been to the event, nobody ever seems to think twice! We are so grateful!

I want to let everyone know that 100% of the donations that you bring in for YSC Duluth stays in our area to help young women with breast cancer by funding our support, outreach, and educational programs. In fact we work hard to get donations ourselves so as much money as possible from your registration fee can be put into our programs as well. We are constantly touched and overwhelmed by the generosity of our sponsors and donors, but especially by all of you. Each person you ask for a few dollars is one more person who will know that young women can AND DO get breast cancer. Each person who donates to our auction or writes you a check is one more person who will share with the women in their lives the importance of being aware and proactive in their own breast health.

So I want to express a special thank you to all of you for helping our cause, not just with money, but with your words, with your efforts, and with your support.

In my last post I highlighted Kathy Stewart, Creative Memories Consultant Extraordinaire. This time I want to bring your attention to another one of our three time participants, Heidi Blix, who is a Close To My Heart Consultant. (Heidi's been keeping that info under her hat so she can enjoy the Scrap for Survival for herself! Way to make yourself a priority, Heidi!!!! We love that!) Anyway, Heidi is very generously donating all of the proceeds from her sales during the month of March to YSC Duluth. Isn't that incredible? We are blown away by her generosity! If you are new to Close to My Heart, you have to check out what they have to offer. They have beautiful paper and embellishments and clear stamps to die for! Their products are wonderful whether you're a card maker or a scrap booker. There's truly something for everyone! Check out Heidi's website at and take a look at all of the great March specials too! If you prefer not to order online, Heidi is willing to take phone orders and will still make the donation to YSC Duluth. Heidi's contact information is on the website.

Thank you so much, Heidi! It truly is just getting better all the time!

Happy Scrapping, everyone!


P.S.: We still have seats avalable, so if you know any friends who are on the fence, tell them to quit stalling and come to the best crop around! They won't be sorry!!!
And don't forget to participate in the page challenges, dessert maker challenge, and art bra contest! We can't wait to see what you cook up!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on March Creative Memories Specials! Proceeds Support YSC Duluth!

Hi everyone!

Creative Memories Consultant, friend, YSC supporter, and scrapper extraordinaire Kathy Stewart has some updates on the Creative Memories specials that will be available for the Crop during March.

1. Try the new rotary trimmer or new Jumbo cutting patterns and receive a free gift.

2. Buy any two Palette Additions and get the third for 50% off. You pay $22.50 and save $4.50.

3. "More to Love" Bundle: Buy the new Love Struck maker and receive three 12x12 sheets of cardstock (red, pink and white), a $2.40 value.

4. "Butterflies are Beautiful" Bundle: Buy any component of the of the new Simply Beautiful palette and add the Butterfly Pocket punch for only $10.00, a $2.00 value.

Kathy will be placing an order on Wed. March 10th if anyone would like to pre-order any supplies before Scrap for Survival on the 20th. You can view the entire CM catalog at Call Kathy at 218-724-3231 or email her at if you wish to place an order. Remember, Kathy is generously donating 20% of the proceeds to YSC Duluth!

Thanks, Kathy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

You've Got to be Kidding Me

No, friends. We're not kidding. The weather outside is frightful, which means the event has been postponed.
The good thing is: Only the date for the Scrap for Survival has changed. Everything else stays the same. You'll have the same great classes, the same food (OK, not the SAME food. The food will be made FRESH by our fine sponsors, not frozen in foil for two months!), and the same great contests and prizes!
Now it's time to round up a few more friends and get ready to scrap in March.
And tell old man winter to go somewhere else. Like Arizona. (Oh, wait...didn't he just hit that area? ;D )

So the new date is Saturday, March 20th. If you've registered for the crop already, consider yourself registered for the March 20th date. Watch for an e-mail from Alane which will explain what to do if you're registered for January and can't make the new date.

Registration is still open and spots are still available for the March 20th Scrap for Survival.
Come and get your crop on!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Challenge Info For You Last Minute Ladies...

Hi there! Just take a look at this guy...he's a cutie, but even better is what he brings with him when he visits the YSC Duluth office...donations!!!! Notice the name on the box. We all screamed with delight when we saw it. (And, yes, he thinks we're totally crazy...for the screaming and for the picture taking!) But we couldn't be more excited for you to see what's in store for you next Saturday. That's right the Scrap for Survival is only ONE WEEK AWAY!!!!

For you last minute ladies (you know who you are) who have waited to register, we wanted to make sure that you have the opportunity to take part in our special crop challenges! This information comes in your crop packet, but we want you to have as much time as possible to participate and possibly win a prize! That's right! There are prizes for the winner of each one of these challenges! So with no further ado, here are the details:

Dessert Maker:
This is very much like our “Queen of Sweets” from the last two years. Basically, bring in a homemade treat which we will serve at dessert time (when the blood sugar is running low). Then, each participant will vote on their favorite dessert and the most popular dessert maker will receive a prize!

Decorated/Altered Bra Contest:
Now’s your chance to have a lot of fun with altered art! This is something that members of the YSC Duluth did for an event in October, and we had so much fun that we couldn’t resist including it in this year’s event. Get out your bling, glitter, rhinestones, ribbon and whatever else you can scrounge together and alter a FABULOUS bra! Check out our creations in the slide show at the top of the blog.
1: Please purchase a new bra as your foundation. Any cheap bra will do. You can use any size or any's up to you!
2: Decorate your bra with anything you want! If you are looking for ideas or you are needing an example...there are examples on our blog at
3: You may adhere, sew or iron on...or whatever you fancy! Just make sure your supplies can stay on the bra while your bra is hanging up for judging.
4: Your bra can be made anytime from now up until the event. A deadline will be announced at the Event.
5: Much like with the desserts, altered bras will be judged by the participants at the event. You will be judged specifically on who's Altered Bra receives the most votes!
6: This is the most important rule!!! Have Fun with it!!!!!!!!

Survivor Page Layout Challenges:
You can participate in 1 or ALL layout challenges. Our main goal besides raising a ton of money for such a wonderful cause is for you to have the time of your life! I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful pages you will be creating this year. Below is a list of the Challenges along with the guidelines.

Breast Cancer Story

Have you or someone you’ve known or loved been affected by Breast Cancer? If so, we would love to see your story! Create a 1 page layout explaining your personal experience. This can and may include any Breast Cancer walks, or events or even just a personal story of how you or someone you know, has been affected by the disease. Be creative and don’t be shy with the PINK!
1. Must be a 12x12, 1 page layout only
2. Layout must include at least 1 pink Breast Cancer (ribbon) Symbol
3. Must include journaling

Bodacious Bling:

Okay ladies….Who doesn’t love bling? This one is sure to be a big hit! It’s all about the bling baby! Create a 1 page layout using as much bling as you like, as long as it meets the minimum requirements. Be creative with your rhinestones and by all means, don’t be shy!
1. Must be a 12x12, 1 page layout only
2. Must have title with bling on it
3. Must have at least 1 5x7 photo
4. Must include one bling shaped object. (Example: heart, square, circle, etc.) Individual bling must create a shape.
5. Must use at least 2 different colors of bling.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Okay ladies! We all know how fun a day or night out with the girls is! Whether it is a night out to dinner, or a fun day shopping, or just a great movie night at the house with your BFF! We want to see what you can come up with. Create a 1 page layout of your fun day or night out with the girls. Here’s the Challenge…we want to see 3 different patterns of paper!
1. Must be a 12x12, 1 page layout only
2. Must use 3 different patterns of paper
3. Must have at least 1 photo in it, with at least 2 girls in the picture.
4. Must use “Girls just wanna have fun” in the Title.
5. Must include journaling

Calling all Sports Themed Pages:

Who doesn’t have a car load of photos of sports related events to scrap? Be creative! Soccer, hockey, football, tennis, anyone? If it’s a sport, it counts! Create a 1 page sports themed layout. Here’s the real challenge: we want you to use four photos on one page!
1. Must be a 12x12, 1 page layout only
2. Must incorporate ribbon into the layout
3. Must include four photos (Yes, they can be cropped!)
4. Must include journaling
5. Must include at least three brads

Please note: Your pages can be done prior to the event or you can work on them at the event, as long as they are turned in for judging at a specified time (announced on the morning of Scrap for Survival). All individual pages need to be submitted in a clear page protector for judging. Your first and last name needs to be on the back of your page. Any layouts submitted for the contests MUST include ALL the listed guidelines. Any submissions that do not follow the guidelines exactly will be disqualified from that specific layout challenge.

Don't forget the prizes for the top three fundraisers! We hope you're working to bring in those donations! We all agree that the prizes are pretty fantastic! First prize is worth at least $200, 2nd prize is worth at least $150, and third prize is worth at least $100. And who knows? If more donations keep coming in, we might just beef them up some more!!!

Happy Scrapping!

The Scrap for Survival Team

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Creative Memories Event Specials!!! Get 'Em While They're Hot!!!

The Scrap for Survival team wants to send a HUGE thank you to our good friend, Kathy Stewart, who has been a supporter and volunteer for YSC Duluth since its inception. Even though Kathy has not personally had breast cancer, she has been a generous and devoted friend, volunteer, and sponsor of our Scrap for Survival. Kathy is a Creative Memories Consultant and in addition to helping decorate, teaching classes, and generally giving us a helping hand whenever we need it, every year Kathy has supported YSC Duluth through her Creative Memories sales. She always has some wonderful event specials for us and this year is no different!

So without any further ado I'll announce Kathy's Fabulous Creative Memories Scrap for Survival Spacials: 2010 Edition!

1. Try the new rotary trimmer or new Jumbo cutting patterns and receive a free gift.

2. Buy a rotary trimmer and get an additional blade for only $5.50 (you save $2.00).

3. Buy any two Palette Additions and get the third only 50% off. You pay $22.50 and save $4.50.

4. “More to Love” bundle: Buy the new Love Struck maker and the Valentine Classic Stickers for $23.50 and receive three free 12x12 sheets of cardstock (red, pink and white), a $2.40 value.

5. “Be My Valentine” project bundle: Create 32 handmade cards (4x4 and 3x3) with this bundle. You receive 10 sheets of 12x12 cranberry cardstock, the Sweet Heart Maker, the Black & White Storybox, Black & White Paper Ribbon and 32 envelopes for $42 (you save 15%).

Kathy will be at the event as a participant, but she will also have loads of Creative Memories goodies on hand for you to purchase. We are eternally grateful that again this year Kathy is generously donating 20% of her profits from this event to YSC. Without support from friends like Kathy, our other generous sponsors, and you, our wonderful participants, the Scrap for Survival would never be the successful event it has turned out to be.

It's only nine days away!!!! We are getting REALLY excited! We hope you are, too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Check out the blog of our favorite teacher!

Hi everyone!

January is already moving past at a rapid pace and we are working as hard as Christmas elves to bring you the best day of scrapbooking ever! (The office really is starting to look like Santa's workshop with all of the goodies piling up :) I wanted to share something exciting with you. We are so lucky to have Heather Nichols from Papertrey Ink as one of our class teachers again this year. She had such a fun, creative, and delightful class last year, we can't believe how lucky we are that she has agreed to come back!!! She is just a joy to be around, and we couldn't be happier. Well, you need to slide on over to her blog and read today's's all about us! (We're blushing!) If you can, please take the time and comment on her post to tell her thank you for supporting us. I know she'd love it. I also seriously encourage you to check out the website for Papertrey Ink. This is the stamp company that Heather designs for, and their stuff is "da bomb"! I love their unique, sweet style and interchangeable stamps. Their designs are cute, smart, and savvy. Make sure and pay special attention to the adorable valentine's paper designed by Heather! Their products are only available on the website, not in stores. Check them out. You will not be sorry!

On another note, we still have seats available at this year's event. What are you waiting for? Register now by visiting our website where you can download a registration form to mail in or register securely online. Believe me, you don't want to miss out!