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Monday, December 28, 2009

A different kind of sneak peak!

Hi there! Thank you to those of you who have registered for the Scrap for Survival! Your welcome packets will be going in the mail this week so watch out for them! They're filled with information about the event, some fundraising tips, and other good stuff. Included in the event info is the details on some fun challenges we have planned this year. We are having a set of four page challenges! These are pages that can be completed ahead of time, so don't worry! We will be giving out small prizes to the winner of each challenge. Send in your registration now so you don't miss out on all the info!
We are also having an altered bra contest. (How's that for part of our new theme?) This is a go wild and have fun challenge that everyone will be voting on. The point is to have fun and free your creativity. I'll post some pics of altered bras the YSC Duluth made in October to give you a little creative push in an upcoming post. Again, register now so you can get all the details on these fun challenges and the rest of the event!
Everyone who has come to the event in the past has really enjoyed the three classes. We try to keep them fresh and different and full of new techniques or ideas you may not have tried yet. I have been hard at work in my craft room playing, spritzing, cutting and gluing to come up with something really special. Heather Nichols from Papertrey (who taught one of last years classes) is back again this year and her project is so awesome, I know you will love it. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak at some of the papers I've been playing with...just to whet your appetite!

Remember January 23rd is fast approaching! Get your registrations in early to guarantee your spot!
Until then Happy Scrapping!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hopefully Kim won't mind...

Kim is doing such a fantastic job as our blogger, I don't want to step on her toes, but I am getting SO excited for our crop this year! Lots of things have been happening, and I wanted to make sure to keep you up to date.

First I have to mention that Kim's photos are a-maze-ing! They make me want to drool! It's almost better than looking at the stuff in person!

I was in the office yesterday and some new packages full of goodies arrived. Dang, I love the UPS man, especially when it doesn't come with a bill :)
Hopefully Kim can get some sneak peaks up soon, but I wanted to let you know that we received packages from Tattered Angels, Stampin' Up!, The Impatient Beader, and (one of mey personal favorites) Unity Stamp Co. Seriously, you will jump for joy when you see what they have in store for you!!! Also, Marni Steltz, owner of Pine City Scrapbooking Co. unfortunately cannnot return as a teacher this year but she is sending a donation. If I know Marni, it's going to be fantastic!

We have also received some fabulous donations from local merchants including Security Jewelers, Justin Paul Salons, and many more. One of the most exciting is a donation from the owner of Takk For Matten Cafe which is right on Superior St. next to Catherine's Imports. If you have not been there, I am telling you: run, don't walk! The food is phenomenal and extremely reasonably priced. A lot of the recipes are scandinavian traditional ones. Breakfast is served all day and includes such yummy fare as crepes, lingonberry waffles, strata, and more. The lunch menu is equally delish. I was in the other day and had a fabulous turkey and pear sandwich on cranberry wild rice bread with a side of leek and potato soup. YUM! All of their items are eat-in or carry out. And don't even get me started on their bakery case. I had to look away to avoid drooling on the glass. You will be so excited when you see the silent auction item they have donated!

I just wanted to give you a taste (you can tell where my mind's at) of what's in the works!

We have three people already registered and I expect a rush once Christmas is over. Register now to secure your seat! Visit to access the printable registration form or register online through our special auctionpay page!

I will write more later about our new theme (which we're keeping under wraps), prize categories and challenges! We are ready to have LOADS of fun!

Happy Scrapping and Happy Holidays!

-Alane and the Scrap for Survival Elves

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sneak Peeks!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Word (or two) About Registration

Yesterday, I posted the link to the Scrap for Survival registration FORM.
Today, I'd like to point you to one other place. It's a place where you can register ONLINE!
All you have to do is click HERE, fill out the form, and put in your credit card number. It's that simple!

Please note, if you'd like to pay your $50.00 registration fee, the number you enter is "1", for 1 ticket to the event. If you enter 50, as in 50-dollars, you will be paying 50-times-50, which comes out to 25-HUNDRED dollars. While that would be very nice, you would also be buying up all the seats at the crop, and you'd be all by yourself, forced to eat an Olive Garden pasta meal (with salad & breadsticks) for 50 people. I just don't think that would be enjoyable. Do you? (not that a pasta meal isn't enjoyable...but for 50? how do you scrap after that?)

Through this site, you may also choose to pay your donation minimum of $100. Some people prefer that. Of course, we'd still love for you to ask your friends & family for donations to the Young Survival Coalition. Keep in mind, we'll be giving prizes to the THREE people who bring in the most cash donations.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

News, News & More News

The weeks are cruising by at warp speed! Doesn't it feel like as it gets closer to the end of the year the days go faster? Maybe that has something to do with the time change, and the days getting shorter...or maybe I'm just getting older.

Ah, well, enough rambling.

First, we hope you've received your registration form in the mail. If you've misplaced it, check out this website:
You can download another copy, or print one out for a friend. Yes! share it with friends! The more the merrier (up until 50, that is. we draw the line at 50!)

We all know the crop is about raising money for the Young Survival Coalition...but another great part about the crop: NO COOKING! Yes, my friends, we have you covered. Famous Dave's and the Olive Garden have again generously donated food for our crop! For you coffee-addicted sorts (you know who you are), Caribou coffee WILL be served!

We're receiving some great donations in the new office. I'll be down there tomorrow and will try and get a few sneak peek photos. We'll see if Alane will go for that or not. ;D