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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where did the time go?

OK-Could someone please tell me where Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday went?
FINALLY --- Let's take a look at our Queens!
To the left, is Connie Adamec.  Connie is our Queen of Crafts - by proxy. Her sister-in-law in the STATE of Virginia (not the city in Minnesota) is our real Queen of Crafts.  She sent in beautiful handmade sweaters, minibooks and more.
All tolled, her items brought in more than 170 dollars for the Young Survival Coalition!

Next, is our Queen of A Lot.  Queen Stephanie Evans brought in a number of new and gently used items for this category, a category new to our event this year!
Queen Stephanie also gave us a fabulous presentation on digital scrapbooking!  Thanks, Queen Stephanie!

And finally, meet Queen Wendy King!  Wendy was our Queen of Sweets this year with her Terrific Trifle!  You might remember, Queen Wendy won in this category last year, as well!  Way to go, Wendy!

Keep checking back, we'll be posting more pictures from the event, and more news about something you won't want to miss in February!  Stay tuned!  -Kim

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