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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crop for a Cure Resounding Success!

Well, it's over, and we had a great time with the 2008 Crop for a Cure!  We're all still recovering from yesterday's marathon event (and all the planning leading up to it) but I thought you ought to have a few of the highlights today.  We'll post more details later in the week so be sure to check back!
First things first...(drumroll please)...our event yesterday brought in more than 
 We'd like to give a huge round of applause to our event participants who were SO generous to our cause, 
The Young Survival Coalition.
Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

And now, a look at our  Crop Queens!  We all remember our reigning Queen of Philanthropy, Karin Johnson. Here she is, the self-named "poster girl" for the Crop for a Cure 2007.
Here she is, one year later, thankful she won't have her picture plastered all over the blog anymore!  (Thanks for being such a good sport!  All in good fun!)

So, now we have a NEW Queen of Philanthropy for 2008.
Meet Rosie Wood!

Rosie brought in more than $700 in donations for the YSC!  She says she sent out a letter and included self-addressed stamped envelopes for friends to return to her.  Just a little extra effort earned her the big prize of the day...a Making Memories Runway Tote packed full of goodies!

And now, for our Queen of Silent Auctions:
Look familiar?  Why, yes!  It's Rosie Wood!  Not only did Rosie manage to bring in the most money...she also managed to SPEND the most money on silent auction purchases!  Way to go Rosie!  More scrap-goodies to take home with you!

Now, I was hoping to post the remaining Queens, however, after battling my computer for more than an HOUR...(no, I'm not exaggerating)...I am unable to get the remaining Queen pictures to post!
I'm technology challenged anyway...add to that a bit crabby and a bit tired, and things are not looking good.
I think I'll go take a nap and either post those remaining Queens later today or tomorrow!  It will give us all something to look forward to, won't it?  ---G'nite, Kim

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