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Monday, October 5, 2009

Alane's Surprise

So, many of you know Alane rode in this years' Young Survival Coalition Tour De Pink, a 226 mile bike ride from Hershey, PA, to Manhattan. But how many of you saw her on the National News this morning?
Click here to see Alane's Surprise!


Heidi said...

Kim, thanks so much for sharing that with us! Alane, what a wonderful accomplishment this was for you and a great surprise from your family. You guys rock!

Alane said...

Okay, not to be nit-picky but in order to give props to my sore tuchess, I have to say that the actual ride was over 230 miles. Plus there was about another 12 of ceremonial riding on the final day.
It was an awesome experience, second only to the day I married my husband and the births of my children. I am truly fortunate to be alive. Thanks!