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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Take a Look At This

Many of you have already seen and heard this news, but for those of you have not, our friend and fellow crop organizer Julie Bates (pictured left in our header photo) was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. This is her second battle with "b-c" so, unfortunately, Julie knows the drill.

Last month, when Julie's first round of chemo started causing her hair to fall out, she made a few phone calls and we headed to her house for a head shaving party. Julie allowed me to take pictures, and she put together this slideshow. Take a look, and please, leave some encouraging words for Julie in her "album comments" section at the bottom of the slideshow! I know she'd appreciate them!

Julie's chemo treatments should be wrapped up by Christmas time, in the meantime, she is working with the rest of us on putting together one heckuva crop!

Coming up in a future post...I'll tell you more about this photo with Julie & Alane, and the little pink bear named Pineapple! Stay tuned!

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