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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

News, News & More News

The weeks are cruising by at warp speed! Doesn't it feel like as it gets closer to the end of the year the days go faster? Maybe that has something to do with the time change, and the days getting shorter...or maybe I'm just getting older.

Ah, well, enough rambling.

First, we hope you've received your registration form in the mail. If you've misplaced it, check out this website:
You can download another copy, or print one out for a friend. Yes! share it with friends! The more the merrier (up until 50, that is. we draw the line at 50!)

We all know the crop is about raising money for the Young Survival Coalition...but another great part about the crop: NO COOKING! Yes, my friends, we have you covered. Famous Dave's and the Olive Garden have again generously donated food for our crop! For you coffee-addicted sorts (you know who you are), Caribou coffee WILL be served!

We're receiving some great donations in the new office. I'll be down there tomorrow and will try and get a few sneak peek photos. We'll see if Alane will go for that or not. ;D

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