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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Word (or two) About Registration

Yesterday, I posted the link to the Scrap for Survival registration FORM.
Today, I'd like to point you to one other place. It's a place where you can register ONLINE!
All you have to do is click HERE, fill out the form, and put in your credit card number. It's that simple!

Please note, if you'd like to pay your $50.00 registration fee, the number you enter is "1", for 1 ticket to the event. If you enter 50, as in 50-dollars, you will be paying 50-times-50, which comes out to 25-HUNDRED dollars. While that would be very nice, you would also be buying up all the seats at the crop, and you'd be all by yourself, forced to eat an Olive Garden pasta meal (with salad & breadsticks) for 50 people. I just don't think that would be enjoyable. Do you? (not that a pasta meal isn't enjoyable...but for 50? how do you scrap after that?)

Through this site, you may also choose to pay your donation minimum of $100. Some people prefer that. Of course, we'd still love for you to ask your friends & family for donations to the Young Survival Coalition. Keep in mind, we'll be giving prizes to the THREE people who bring in the most cash donations.

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