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Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a quickie!!!

Good morning, scrappers!!!

I thought I would pop on in and write a quick post while I have my first cup of coffee! (It's a miracle that I'm chipper and I haven't had my first cup!) You may have noticed that there is a little stat counter thingie on the page that is counting how many visitors we get to our little blog site. Well, I got an email this morning saying we have had 50 individual, first time visitors over the weekend!!! Woohoo!!! That makes the countdown until our registrations are all filled up pretty exciting indeed! I don't have a head count at the moment... (since our Royal headcounter lives on the other side of the United States and is most likely snoring away right now!!!) ...BUT I am excited to see the numbers!!! You ladies in Duluth need to know that you have some competition for your spots! We have had a lot of interest from some very enthusiastic scrappers in Wisconsin as well as farther south! I suppose I should warn you that I have posted our event on lots if internet message boards. (The kind for scrapbookers, not people looking for a date!)
Sorry, but I needed to spread the excitement. So come on in and register!

I also thought I would give you a little update on some recent deliveries that the UPS man has made to my door. A few of the companies are:

Hero Arts
Unity Stamp Co. (Check them out: they're from Spicer, MN and they rock!!!)
Big Picture Scrapbooking (If you haven't checked the classes out at you are missing out!)
Lion Brand Yarn
Wright's Manufacturing
and Fiskars
just to name a few!!!

In fact, I have so much stuff in my craft room that it's hard to tell what's mine. I'll try not to dip in to the Crop stash, I promise!


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